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Cremone hardware can be used on doors, windows and millwork. We can use most of our knobs and levers on our cremone bolt hardware. We also fabricate and finish bespoke or replication cremone hardware for residential projects.

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The plates above show several conditions in which cremone hardware can be used. These are taken from a 1917 book which is a great resource for architects doing tradional building (Details to Which Standard Hardware can be Applied, Thomas F. Nolan, FAIA, University of Pennsylvania).

Often with cremone bolts no hardware is used on the exterior portion of the door. Sometimes however we use traditional levers & rosettes as dummy trim to allow doors to be closed from the outside.

For a more actively used French door, it was not uncommon to see a cremone bolt used on the inactive door in conjunction with a narrow backset mortise lock with levers & rosettes on the active door leaf.